GMAT – Day 5 May 5

Again DontMemorise. Did the whole of Geometry and here I noticed that in a couple of topics, the explanations are not up to their reputation. But they mentioned that for those areas a new video is in production. I guess they are in for a reason.

And then came the shocker, I did a couple of 700 problems from GMATClub. Damn, it was hard. As in, when you create a question, keeping “none should answer this” in mind, I am sure you could cook one like that. Well, this question, I felt that way. Maybe I have got a long way to go, still.

Let’s see 🙂




Where am I?

Hello there,
So, I once took GMAT and scored a 570, which I was told a bit above the average score (540) but still no good. This happened like 3 years back now. Back then work was hectic, except for registering for the exam and taking it on the exam day, I did not do much justice to the GMAT. Since then I have always had this feeling in my mind that someday if not now I should nail this GMAT. Well, we all have our own definition for nailing it.

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