Be a third person…

How many of us have got ourselves into a predicament wherein the only way out is not only daunting to explore but also hard to find. Now, how many of us have been in a situation where a friend or colleague comes to you and ask for suggestion and we tend to have, fortunately, a lot to offer. How is that possible?


Perhaps, when we are too close to something, we tend to see less? Maybe. Too close, physically. Mentally, I would say, too close would have everything under control.

Let’s try this simple solution. Well, call it a solution if it works for you. Go to google maps and locate a place. Initially, you would be shown a zoomed out view. you could see your place, marked, and also many other places nearby. Now, zoom in…in…in and go all in. How much of it are you seeing now? Missing out on many things/ places?


Problems, most often than not, requires you to understand many things, things that you otherwise miss out, when you get too close to it. I understand how overwhelming the feeling would be, to even consider zooming out, for some problems. But think about the things that you are missing out, once. It controls our heart from racing. It allows you to breathe briefly and the oxygen will do the trick of calming you down, I suppose.

The zoomed out view is usually considered the third person view, wherein you get to act as both first and third person to a problem. It could be that you are missing out on solutions or sometimes the problem could be actually bigger. And, even though you think you are half way through the hell, I am sure the third person, with his better views, has got better offers, my friend.





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