Boxing with your mind…


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Well, at least try not to. I know it is hard for many of us. Some would even argue that it is being clever. I agree when it helps you save some time. And when you do that, I would use the word wise in place of clever. Given a chance, I would not even be bothered to open a book if I have a strong feeling that this is what is going to be inside.

Now, can I do the same approach with people?

Many of us, with or without realizing how dangerous and stupid it is, are doing it in our daily life. For starters, country or the place you come from is very important. Every time someone asks me, “Where are you from?”, Well, I got used to it now but then, how is that going to help you out. Perhaps it could help, but more often than not we don’t really need this information. Importantly, when you know it could possibly create a space between relationships, why do you want to do it?

From Earth

I have always thought that we are in this together. This here is the Earth that we live in. Our knowledge of things and potential people outside Earth is very less and when a danger strikes the earth, who do you think it will affect?


Now, what usually happens when I find someone is from a particular country or someone loves to wear a pink shirt or someone looks not pretty according to someone else’s views, we tend to alter our actions towards them. Again, at some level, it is you respecting who they are. But ever wondered the space in between you both? Think about the space and think about what all you have kept there in that space.

Even if that person is, say genuinely funny, you won’t be able to enjoy that. Reason being, how would you know what is on the 100th page of the book, when you don’t even want to open the book and are stuck at its cover. Try to move past the cover and read the person that will tell you who they really are.



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