Where am I?

Hello there,
So, I once took GMAT and scored a 570, which I was told a bit above the average score (540) but still no good. This happened like 3 years back now. Back then work was hectic, except for registering for the exam and taking it on the exam day, I did not do much justice to the GMAT. Since then I have always had this feeling in my mind that someday if not now I should nail this GMAT. Well, we all have our own definition for nailing it.

Also, since my last time with GMAT, I started reading many stories about GMAT. I also registered for a online course last year and once in a while I read a couple of topics but no consistency. Well, I changed my job last year and also got married last year.  Too many things to handle in one year, some would say? Well, it was definitely too much for me.

Now, after year into both job and married life, I am starting it again. Meanwhile I have this mobile app for GMAT which throws a question or 2 at me and I give it a shot. But otherwise I think I have got a long way to go.

In this journey, I will try to keep my posts as short as possible and make sure I give a thing or 2 for you to learn.




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