ML #1

So, Machine Learning, I heard is fun.

I am here starting with Machine Learning. I am thinking of writing about ML as and when I move past a concept. Let’s see. 🙂




Be a third person…

How many of us have got ourselves into a predicament wherein the only way out is not only daunting to explore but also hard to find. Now, how many of us have been in a situation where a friend or colleague comes to you and ask for suggestion and we tend to have, fortunately, a lot to offer. How is that possible?

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Boxing with your mind…


“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

Well, at least try not to. I know it is hard for many of us. Some would even argue that it is being clever. I agree when it helps you save some time. And when you do that, I would use the word wise in place of clever. Given a chance, I would not even be bothered to open a book if I have a strong feeling that this is what is going to be inside.

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